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Frank R. Harrison

· Frank R Harrison,Healthcare,Mental Health

When dealing with mental health, it’s crucial that everyone has access to the necessary support to overcome their obstacles. In order to properly handle mental health issues, one sometimes needs more than the support of family and friends; sometimes, actual institutions and facilities are required to provide medication and other, more professional kinds of service and treatment. It seems as though Canada has opened a new facility for those dealing with mental health issues.

Located in Calgary, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has recently opened a brand new facility that is designed to provide support to those with mental health issues. Dubbed the Centre for Excellence in Recovery and Peer Support (CERPS), the new facility is looking to take a new approach to mental health support. In essence, CERPS will focus on providing connections, hope and a sense of belonging to its patients. Everything about the new facility has been designed with these tenets in mind. According to a report from The Star, the actual atmosphere of CERPS is reminiscent to that of a coffee house, in which patients are greeted upon entry.

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