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Frank R. Harrison

· Frank R Harrison,Healthcare,Mental Health

If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know that I’m a major advocate for positive mental health and raising mental health awareness. Obviously, I believe in advocating for positive mental health at all times, however, in light of certain events, I believe it’s very important to bring this matter to the forefront of discussion even more. Dealing with mental health problems can be a very difficult and painful battle, one that can end in tragedy. That is why it is so important to try to work out your mental health issues as best as you can. While not every mental health situation can be solved with a positive attitude and a few yoga classes, it’s important to practice small moments in life that can ultimately lead to a healthier state of mind.

With that being said, I figured I would highlight a few tips and tricks on how to improve your mental health.

Be Open

This may be easier said than done, but try to share your emotions and feelings with those you trust. You may feel as though you are burdening them with your feelings, but they are humans as well and wouldn’t mind sharing their emotions with you. This connection can improve your emotional well-being and make you value not only the other person, but yourself as well. Additionally, you can begin to understand your own positive attributes as you find those attributes in others.

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