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Frank R. Harrison

· Frank R Harrison,Healthcare,Mental Health

Living with epilepsy can be a very difficult circumstance. I can tell you that, while it can certainly be a challenge, it is not at all impossible. I want these weblogs to be positive and open for those dealing with any number of mental health illnesses to speak and learn from one another. As I continue to produce blogs, I want to cover a variety of topics regarding epilepsy. With that being said, for this month’s topic, I wanted to focus on how epilepsy, and by extension epileptic seizures, can affect the way we interact with others and the world.

For any of you who are familiar with epilepsy, you are certainly aware that epilepsy affects your day-to-day life. But specifically, how does it affect your life? What does it do to you? For many, that answer is different. For today, I wanted to specifically focus on how epileptic seizures can drastically affect the way we act and even influence the way we behave. Before I get into that, I should explain the way our brains work.

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