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  • Who is Frank R. Harrison?

    Frank R. Harrison is a highly experienced professional who is currently developing an affinity marketing platform dedicated to raising funds for healthcare.


    Prior to his shift into the healthcare sector, Frank R. Harrison worked in the Financial Services, Entertainment, and New Media industries. Frank graduated from the NYU Stern School of Business with a BS in Management and Finance. His first position with Citibank’s credit card operation taught him about strategic client planning and financial management. Frank later spent time working for MetLife Insurance in the entertainment marketing promotions sector, which paved the way to his career with Sony Music Entertainment. During this time he received his MBA from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business, and then returned to NYU and earned his Master of Arts degree in Psychology.


    Over the course of his dynamic entrepreneurial and analytic career, Frank has crafted an approach to business that is rooted in effective marketing, forward-thinking tech, and a genuine desire to better the world around him. He utilizes his time spent in the financial and new media industries and applies his knowledge and experience to his new ventures into the healthcare world.


    An epilepsy sufferer, he created the “Frank About Health” brand to break down the stigma that surrounds this disease and enlighten people on its emotional, physical, financial, professional and social effects. Frank R. Harrison has since been an activist for those suffering with mental health and works to educate people via his Frank About Health radio show. While Frank found satisfaction in working to shine a light on the difficulties associated with epilepsy, he realized his talents shouldn’t be limited to this health issue. Frank’s blogs address the broader mental health sector and speak to how it is addressed in our world today.

  • Education 

    New York University (NYU)

    Bachelor of Science - Management, Finance, Psychology

    Master of Science - Integrated and Social Media Marketing
    Master of Arts - Business/Psychology

    Fordham University

    Master of Business Administration

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  • Frank R. Harrison | Blog

    Frank R. Harrison enjoys writing multiple blogs on a variety of topics, including mental health, healthcare and epilepsy.

    July 30, 2018 · Frank R Harrison,Healthcare,Mental Health
    If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know that I’m a major advocate for positive mental health and raising mental health awareness. Obviously, I believe in advocating for positive mental health at all times, however, in light of certain events, I believe it’s very important to bring this...
    July 30, 2018 · Frank R Harrison,Healthcare,Mental Health
    When dealing with mental health, it’s crucial that everyone has access to the necessary support to overcome their obstacles. In order to properly handle mental health issues, one sometimes needs more than the support of family and friends; sometimes, actual institutions and facilities are...
    July 30, 2018 · Frank R Harrison,Healthcare,Mental Health
    Living with epilepsy can be a very difficult circumstance. I can tell you that, while it can certainly be a challenge, it is not at all impossible. I want these weblogs to be positive and open for those dealing with any number of mental health illnesses to speak and learn from one another. As I...
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